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ARROW activist and banner in Parliament Square, London, 4 April 2002.
PHOTO: Ippy, ippy@gmx.co.uk London, Britain

No war against Iraq

On the eve of the British Prime Minister's visit to Texas for a council of war with President Bush, three members of the London-based anti- war group ARROW (Active Resistance to the Roots of War) climbed lampposts and hung ten and 20-foot anti-war banners opposite Downing Street and the Houses of Parliament. They were supported by around a dozen other ARROW, d10 and other activists.

Two women in the support group were arrested for allegedly obstructing the highway during a "discussion" with the police regarding the right to protest. The police were evidently caught unawares by the action and responded by behaving aggresively towards the group of supporters on the ground.

"The [British] Prime Minister is going to Texas to counsel delay. He should instead be speaking up for the majority of people in Britain, our European partners, and Iraq¹s neighbours, and saying Britain will not participate in another US-led assault on the people of Iraq," said Milan Rai, 37, a writer from Hastings, while hanging 25 feet in the air. "I've been to Iraq on humanitarian delegations, and I fear the humanitarian disaster that a major war could cause for millions of ordinary families in Iraq."







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Anti-war Documents Menu / Archived Documents Menu / lamp post protest