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Blood bath


28th January 2003


Today, outside the US Embassy in Grosvenor Square, London, Bush and Blair, tore up the UN Inspectors' Report on Iraq and the UN Charter, vowing they would go to war with Iraq whatever the views of other countries in the UN or their people, or parliamentary and public opinion at home.

They then gaily stepped into and wallowed in a bath of blood representing the blood that will be spilled when the war is fought. Police then arrived to apprehend them for crimes against humanity.

Actually, the pair were represented by 2 peace campaigners, Milan Rai and David Polden, wearing rubber "Bush" and "Blair" masks, the documents were fake documents, the blood was not the blood of Iraqi people and US and UK military personnel but fake blood, and the police, who represented themselves, were more concerned with the public order implications of such obscene activities in front of the US Embassy.

The 2 are signatories to ARROW's "pledge of resistance" according to which those signing pledge to take part in civil disobedience in the event of a US/UK attack on Iraq. David said, "Why are the US and UK governments so determined to go to war with Iraq? No evidence has been produced that the Iraqi regime constitutes a threat to Britain and the US or is a supporter of terrorism.

Spilling blood in Iraq will do nothing but destabilise the whole Middle East and be a fillip to international terrorism. Not only the Iraqi people but all of us will suffer from such an immoral and illegal war."

For further information and pictures of the action, phone Richard Byrne on 0845-458 2564; 07947-839 992.

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