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Uploaded 28 November 2001

Members of the Justice not Vengeance group delivered a package of well over 3,500 signatures on the Petition to Clare Short at the Department for International Development, on Thursday 22 November. The following letter was included:


A matter of conscience
A matter of survival

To the Rt Hon Clare Short
Secretary of State for International Development
Department for International Development

22nd November 2001

We enclose a petition originated by ARROW (Active Resistance to the Roots of War) and signed by 3,109 people from all around the UK.

With the Taliban having now fallen, removing what the government claimed was one of the main obstacles to getting food to the 2.5 million Afghanis on the brink of starvation, why has the government still not drastically stepped up efforts to distribute food in Afghanistan? Oxfam estimated last week that these 2.5 million people will have no food by the end of December.

With so little time left to avert a human tragedy of such horrifying proportions, the governments complacency shows where its priorities lie: war first, people second.

We call on you as the Minister for International Development to put your (well fed) energy into ensuring that food aid is securely delivered to the starving people of Afghanistan as an urgent first priority immediately.

Yours sincerely
Three thousand one hundred and nine petitioners
Justice not Vengeance/ARROW

The leaflet (56k) & petition (64k) are available in in PDF format

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