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Core Principles for anti-war groups

1) We wholeheartedly condemn the terrorist atrocities in New York and Washington DC. Nothing can justify these terrible crimes.
2) We also condemn the idea of taking revenge for these deaths by military retaliation against Afghanistan, Iraq and/or other countries.
3) We believe that the United States and Britain should proceed on the basis of international law, following the UN Charter, and working through the normal channels of extradition law, to bring the perpetrators of the atrocities to justice.
4) We stand shoulder to shoulder with the Muslim communities in Britain, and demand an end to anti-Muslim attacks and prejudice.
5) We reject the erosion of our civil liberties in the name of anti-terrorism. We cannot defend freedom by destroying it.
6) As a network, we are committed to campaigning solely by nonviolent means.

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ARROW Six Principles and Priority Concern