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JNV's 6 Core Principles

JNV has 6 Core Principles guiding our opposition to the 'war on terrorism':

1) We condemn the terrorist atrocities committed on September 11th 2001.
We also condemn the idea of taking revenge for these deaths by military
retaliation against Afghanistan, Iraq or any other country.
2) We believe that the proper reaction to the September 11th atrocities is
to proceed on the basis of international law, following the UN Charter, and
working through the extradition law, to bring the perpetrators of these acts
to justice.
3) We believe that the right response to the problem of proliferation is to
disarm all countries of all weapons of mass destruction, applying the
same non-proliferation rules and inspection systems to all the countries
of the world.
4) We stand shoulder to shoulder with the Muslim communities in Britain, and
demand an end to anti-Muslim attacks and prejudice.
5) We reject the erosion of civil liberties in the name of 'anti-terrorism',
whether in Britain or elsewhere. We cannot defend freedom by destroying it.
6) As a network, we are committed to campaigning solely by nonviolent means.

What is JNV?
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