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The JNV Campaign Against ID Cards

The British Government is attempting to impose a compulsory national identity card on the British people as part of the so-called 'war on terror'.

There is no evidence that ID cards can stop terrorism (see JNV briefing 60).

Justice Not Vengeance believes that the national identity card scheme has nothing to do with fighting terrorism or crime, but is simply about extending state control.

JNV believes in a campaign of mass non-registration. (David Blunkett is proposing a fine of up to £2,500 for non-registration. http://www.guardian.co.uk/humanrights/0,7368,367207,00.html)


Distribute NO ID, the first JNV anti-ID Card briefing
Send a donation made out to 'JNV', to JNV, 29 Gensing Road, St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex TN38 0HE to receive a bundle, or print your own copies from here [link to pdf]

Write to your MP

Fax Your MP via the web http://www.faxyourmp.com/
Or just write a letter (pen and paper are more effective!)
MPs of all parties are concerned about ID cards. The last Tory government rejected the idea.

Write to your local paper
This is a battle of public opinion, local papers are read by tens of thousands of people

Call your local radio
This is a battle of public opinion, local radio is listened to by tens of
thousands of people

Give your opinion to the BBC forum

Wear a NO ID badge
Send a donation made out to 'JNV', to JNV, 29 Gensing Road, St Leonards on
Sea, East Sussex TN38 0HE. £4.50 for 10.

Join JNV
Fill in our joining form and participate in JNV actions.

Join No2ID
The national anti-ID card campaign is here.


The Official Story

Stopping ID Cards

How they stopped an identity card in Australia, despite considerable initial public support

Why we stopped the ID card in Britain (the BBC view)

A Few Campaigning Organisations

Liberty (formerly the National Council for Civil Liberties)

Privacy International: excellent international human rights group

Stand: an online anti-ID card site which organised protests during the last ID card consultation

Important Documents

'Mistaken Identity'
Privacy International interim briefing on ID Cards and terrorism.
(Published in April 2004. pdf format). Excellent!

'ID Cards - Arguments Against'
The Liberty/Charter 88 anti-ID card pamphlet. (Published in December 2002,
mainly focused on entitlement cards, not the anti-terrorism argument. pdf and HTML formats.)

Jack Straw's Letter of Protest To David Blunkett.
(Published in the Sunday Times, 12 October 2003)
The text of the letter
The Sunday Times story

Some Useful Sites

Chestnut Tree Cafe - good anti-ID card blog run by Trevor Mendham (see below)

The Guardian Civil Rights

Spy.org.uk List of Concerns

Trevor Mendham ID Card blog - highly organized argument against ID cards

Urban 75 - ID card page

White Rose - civil rights collective

Last updated 22 May 2005