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For a full list of reports of past action see What we do

  Pledge of Resistance
Over 5000 people signed this pledge to take, or support, action in the event of an attack on Iraq.
  The post war humanitarian situation in Iraq and other issues
[archived 13 August 2003]
  Plans for civil disobedience in the event of an attack on Iraq
[archived 13 August 2003]
  National day of DIE-INS against war on Iraq
Monday 17 March
Obstruct & Resist! A Week of Nonviolent Action to Stop the War
17th -23rd March 2003
Preparations & Guidelines Also see the report.
  Anti-war postcard
[archived 13 August 2003]
  mass SIT-DOWN after the 15 February march
Also see the report.
  Bush and Blair in Bloodbath shock! - 28 January 2003
  Disrupt the Masters of War - nonviolent protest at Northwood military base, London - 18-19 January 2003
Preparations and Guidelines
Also see the report.
  Warzone Whitehall - 2 December 2002
Preparations & Guidelines Also see the report.
  Children Against the War - demo outside the US Embassy - 17 November 2002
  Independence from America - 4th July Pledge action
leaflet in PDF format (204kb). See reports
  Activists unfurl banners from lampposts in Whitehall and Parliament Square 04.04.02
  Organising, with Voices in the Wilderness UK, a visit to the UK of September 11 relatives to speak out against war 21.02.02 (see reports)
  Open letter to Tony Blair - Reject War Plan Iraq
February 2002
  Leaflet & petition to Clare Short handed in on 22 November with 3109 signatures
[archived 28.11.01]
  Occupation of DfID 02.11.01
  Nonviolent Sitdown Protest Against The War
Sunday October 21st 2001
[archived 23.10.01]
Preparations & Guidelines (see report and pictures)

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