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Below are links to some groups in the following categories - none of the lists are exhaustive - contact JNV if you would like a group to be added.

Independent anti-war media
Iraq focused campaigns

Groups working at military bases

Some local groups

Independent anti-war media

Peace News
for up-to-date news and views from the international peace and anti-militarist magazine (Peace News).



NVDA-UK A site for all nonviolent direct action - peace, environmental etc with listings and news.

Iraq HQ Resource Directory

Iraq focused campaigns

Voices in the Wilderness UK
Campaigning against economic sanctions and war on Iraq. Also see the Voices US site for information on the Iraq Peace Team.

Iraq Occupation Focus
London-based group campaigning to end the military and corporate occupation of Iraq.

Iraq Analysis Group
Successor group to the Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq, with an index of information sources about post-invasion Iraq and occasional briefings.

Act Together
Women (British and British-based Iraqi women) against sanctions and war on Iraq



Peaceful Tomorrows

an organisation founded by families of September 11 victims who are campaigning for a peaceful response to 9-11.

The D10 group

uses nonviolent resistance to campaign against militarism.

Women in Black

WiB is a loose network of womenworld-wide committed to peace with justice and actively opposed to war and other forms of violence. It is not an organisation, but a means of mobilization and a formula for action. Click here for WiB groups around the country.

Peace Plan Group

A website working towards a "apolitical, non-military resolution to the 'war on terrorism'".

Provides a strategic legal service on international human rights, weapons, and arms issues. Organised the Legal Enquiry on an attack on Iraq.

Peace Pledge Union
Good resources on a wide range of issues

Including a listing of events, vigils, resources

Reclaim the Bases!
A site for all those interested in protest at the many military bases around the UK.

Global Dream Peace Portal
Creative people using their talents to promote the message of Peace.


Stop the War Coalition

Media Workers Against the War
A good resource base for news and views

Artists Against the War

For anyone working in the arts

SOAS Stop the War
An active group based in the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

Children Against the War
c/o ARROW, 020 7607 2302.

No War on Iraq Liaison

No War on Iraq

A clearinghouse of information, news and opinions for people and organizations opposed to a war on Iraq.

No war for Oil -
Rising Tide, Target Oil Coalition

Coalition of Universities Against War

Groups working at military bases
- also see information on military bases.

International Citizens' Weapons Inspectorate
started by students from the United World College of the Atlantic in South

Cambridge Students Against War

Gloucestershire Weapons Inspectors

Faslane Peace Camp

Trident Ploughshares

Lakenheath Action Group

Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases

Yorkshire CND

The d10 Group
- protests at Northwood HQ

Some local groups not listed elsewhere
also see local Pledge of Resistance contacts, local groups holding regular protests and groups organising protest in the event of an attack on Iraq. A good list of local anti-war groups can also be found on Stop the War.

Scotland students email discussion group: studentsagainstwaruk@yahoogroups.com

Brighton anti-war discussion group

University of Birmingham
students: student_peace@hotmail.com

Cambridge Students Against War

Norwich Stop the War

Edinburgh Stop the War

Haringey Stop the War Coalition: haringey_stopwar@hotmail.com

Hackney Stop the War Coalition: Alex on 020 7503 3442, hstwc@hotmail.com

Children Against the War at Halloween