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What We Do

For the past four years Justice Not Vengeance has made a singular contribution to the anti-war and wider peace movements, providing ground-breaking analysis, inspiring presentations, powerful imagery and effective protest.

Maya Anne Evans has become a household name for her stand against the Serious Organized Crime and Police Act (2005) (she has appealed her conviction to the High Court and is now taking the case to the European Court of Human Rights).

Emily Johns has been one of the few British peace activists to visit Iran and talk to both officials and ordinary Iranians about the issues that confront us - and she has brought back a wealth of images that educate, inspire and move us to action.

Milan Rai has written JNV anti-war briefings on a broad array of subjects, and spent time in Lewes Prison for his opposition to the war in Iraq.

All three have toured the country (and North America, in Milan's case) speaking out against war and repression, against al-Qaeda terrorism and Western state terrorism.

JNV also produced several publications last year;

'7/7 The London Bombings, Islam and the Iraq War' by Milan Rai,

'Naming the Dead' by Maya Anne Evans

and 'Drawing Paradise on the "Axis of Evil"' - an art/politics catalogue about Iran with images by Emily Johns.

All are available via this website.