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ARROW (Active Resistance to the Roots of War) is a nonviolent direct action affinity group set up in September 1990 to oppose the Gulf War (we were called Gulf War Resisters then).

Since July 1991, ARROW has kept a weekly vigil going outside the Foreign Office calling for the end of economic sanctions on Iraq. Yep, that's ten years every Monday evening 5.30pm-7pm. ARROW has also taken action on other issues including Hawks to Indonesia, National Missile Defence, and Northern Ireland, but our main focus has been US/UK military intervention in the Third World (we're against it).

Any donations towards our anti-war work are warmly welcomed and gratefully received.

Please contact ARROW with any submissions, enquiries or information about forthcoming events.

Justice not Vengeance is a group of individuals who have come together to show their opposition to military retaliation in response to the events of 11 September 2001. The group subscribes to ARROW's core principles and is supported by ARROW and other peace groups.

To get more information or to join the group, email: